Partnership Information


Salvation is the gift that keeps on giving. As you may or may not know, the lack of discipleship in the local church is crippling the advancement of the Kingdom. Truth Seekers Assembly ministry is focused on equipping and educating believers to make disciples who make even more disciples by teaching sound doctrine, creating resources, hosting events, and training people.

Our ministry has experienced immense transition from women’s ministry to now unisex. We’ve personally trained hundreds of church leaders. Our goal is to produce many resources starting with: The Heart of A Warrior Prayer CD, Radical Love: The Walk to Love Devotional, Marrying the Family Marriage Resource Book, Anchored: Singles Ministry Resource Book, Fighting A Dirty Game with A Clean Heart, Beautifully Flawed Devotional, Healthy Church Devotional and many more resources. You may have heard testimonies of thousands who have been impacted by Pastors John &  TPJ and around the world. To say that we are humbled is nothing short of an understatement.

With most ministries, Truth Seekers is supported through financial gifts from everyday people just like you who have been impacted by our intentional teachings, events, resources, and discipleship. If you’ve experienced authentic truth and want to partner in the mission to make disciples who make disciples spreading the gospel of Truth, would you prayerfully consider supporting Truth Seekers Assembly Ministries with a donation?

Your support will assist us in completing these upcoming projects:

1.    We're going to Pontiac, Michigan! Our official church launch is November 4, 2017 at the Destiny Domination Retreat. We will need a building moving forward. The ministry is rapidly growing and needs a place to call home. In addition to the normal Sunday & Tuesday services, we are proud to participate in community outreach. Truth Seekers Assembly aims to be a spiritual haven, but also a strong community partner. We need a physical location to be all of those things in the Pontiac area. Your ongoing support of the ministry is deeply appreciated. If you have questions, concerns, or want more details concerning this important effort, please contact us at 

2.     Editing, publishing, and printing of the above mentioned books/resources. All of the proceeds from these books and CD’s, go directly into the ministry to equip believers to make disciple-makers.

3.     Scholarships for seekers of truth to attend upcoming Destiny Domination Retreat in 2017.

Your support makes a difference in the lives of pastors, churches, and undiscipled converts across our communities, nation, and world. Would you consider supporting us as we continue to make disciples who make disciples? No amount is too small because every gift makes a difference. Also, please note that your gift is not yet tax-deductible. Thank you in advance for your consideration, and may the Lord continue to pursue His people with grace and mercy.

4.     To be the hands and the feet of Jesus, helping those in need. We pay off lunch balances for children in need. We pay for meals of those who are hungry. We even swipe our debit card to bless a single mom with groceries in the local supermarket or Wal-Mart stores.

5.     Our long-term goal is to open Truth Seekers Retreat-style homes for Spiritual Pastors & Leaders to have a safe space. The rooms would be available for rent so the Pastors & Spiritual Leaders can be refilled and rest for a while. We need to allow them to take the time they need to heal and or be rejuvenated and refilled. I'm excited for the sponsors who will partner with me to ensure the mental and spiritual health of our leaders is a top priority. These homes will have an assigned adjutant to ensure the fridge is stocked, home is cleaned, library is filled and the spa room is prepared for use. We look forward to partnering with those who believe in the vision Abba gave us. 

If you’d like to cancel a recurring subscription, please email us here.