Word for 2017: REset. RElease. REstore.

It’s true: you never want to go to war without a word. It’s also true for your new year. All the prophets have heard from the Lord and it is unanimous that the year 2017 is the year of reset for many. Merriam-Webster defines reset as a transitive verb
meaning to set again or anew. To put it plainly, it will be different this time. The area you’ve been trying to manifest to no avail is REsetting. If you are believing for a life-changing, supernatural manifestation  in whatever area, it’s time for you to expect a divine REset. Allow Abba to do a new thing in every area of your life! (Isaiah 43:18-19)

There are also those of you who’ve been in great expectation waiting on the promises of God to be fulfilled, but you haven’t seen the manifestation of that thing realized. RElease is to relieve from something that confines, burdens, or oppresses (Merriam-Webster.) Those things are about to be REleased in the upcoming year. In turn, you will be required to release certain things in your life for good… loose the unforgiveness, loose the pain, loose the offenses, loose the negativity. RElease it all so that those things you’ve been praying for to be REleased from Heaven. There are properties, moneys, and opportunities that will be distributed to those of you who are obedient. (Esther 2:18)

REstore – to give back or return…to put again in possession of something. All of my outcasts, here’s a word for you: Abba promised to restore the years that the locust ate. In this restoration process you will eat and eat well. You will be satisfied with life. There will be overflow in your life. ( Joel 2:23-26)